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Bird Control

Tendring Pest Control provide a full proof bird control, removal, proofing and waste clearance service for both our domestic and commercial customers. We can deal with and are happy to cater for both small and large scale problems. We combine numerous techniques both modern and traditional with over 15 years experience in this area. We have specialist skills and qualifications in bird control allowing us to also utilise falconry as a deterrant.

Bird Control Services

Falconry Deterrent
By using a natural predator - such as a falcon or hawk - we connect with the pest animal's deep rooted natural instincts a prey species will not tolerate or turn a blind eye to a predator in their area. Our specialist in house bird of prey team provide bird control on a wide variety of sites and are trained to handle their hawks and falcons in the demanding 'urban' environment. We have many years experience in controlling pest birds such as feral pigeons in Shopping Centres, Schools, Factories, Warehouses and Sports Stadia. Harris Hawks would be deployed in these areas on a regular basis to encourage pest birds to move away to a safer area. We will carry out a site visit to determine how often our Hawks would need to be flown and at which times of the day.

Bird nets / mesh: These physically prevent access to high pressure roosting sites; they are one of the most successful and long lasting humane methods of control. The nets can be supplied in different colours to match the background. Good quality nets, wires and fixings ensure longevity and excellent aesthetics. Point or Spike systems: These are humane deterrents used against pigeons or Gulls at medium to high pressure sites; they are excellent at restricting access to edges, ledges, gutters, pipes and sills. Sprung Wire: This has excellent aesthetic qualities but is only useful for low pressure sites, they are tensioned steel wires fixed via a post, either drilled or if required stuck, to ledges and leading edges, they can also be used to deter pigeons landing on pipes. Repellent Gels and Repellent Liquids are bird prevention products that are designed to prevent birds perching or roosting. Repellent gel is normally used to prevent birds landing on solid external surfaces such as windowsills or architectural features and is applied using a mastic gun. AVISHOCK is a highly effective in deterring all bird species at all infestation pressures on ledges, edges, parapets, beams and roof peaks – for easy specification to meet a wide range of bird proofing needs.

There are many ways to approach the problem of bird pest control and bird proofing, and every problem is different. Unfortunately sometimes a cull is the best or only solution. To achieve the best results, careful analysis of all the variables involved in each case is essential. Only a specialist bird pest control company can provide this kind of attention so please call us today on 01255 886980 for bird control advice and to arrange a FREE no obligation survey

In specific circumstances a bird removal program may need to be planned and carried out. Total Bird Control always use professional trapping methods that are judged to minimise distress to birds, avoid public attention and comply with pest and bird control law We’ve specialist skills and qualifications in bird control too, as well as years of experience of bird behaviour. We can provide you with professional and effective bird control, bird proofing, bird removal and waste clearance solutions, no matter what the situation. Wildlife Legislation protects all birds, and the laws on bird control keep changing. Animal Welfare laws apply to bird control too. And, working with birds and clearing their waste can be hazardous to human health. You can trust us to do bird control legally, humanely and safely.

Let Tendring Pest Control deal with your bird problem before it gets out of hand. It could harm your health, ruin your business and damage your property. We have over 15 years experience in the pest control industry so have seen every problem. If in doubt, ring or email us for professional bird control services, advice on pest proofing and how to get rid of seagulls and pigeons. We will provide you with a free pest control survey and estimate before we carry out the work and are available 7 days a week for advice and help. Simply either fill in the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible or call us now on the number above.

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We take standards very seriously that is why we are accredited by the NPTA and support the Wildlife Aware campaign.

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