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Business Pest Control

We are a leading provider of pest management services for business throughout Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk and London. Our skilled and qualified pest managment technician will protect your business from pest infestation.

Pest Control Audit Compliance for your business

Subject to third party audit? required to comply with environmental health legislation? accredited to the British Retail Consortium? Fear not! Choose a pest control reporting system designed for your specialised needs. Information is captured electronically during each service visit utilising a sytem of barcoding within each pest monitoring device. Including:-

  • Date and time of entry to, and exit from, your premises, and individual areas within your premises.
  • Date and time each pest monitoring device within your site is inspected.
  • Details of pest activity at each monitoring device.
  • Common and latin names of species found recorded.
  • Insect count where required.
  • Recommendations with allocation of responsibility for action.

All legibly printed for retention in your pest control log plus irrefutable proof of service visit integrity. When audit time comes, our reports and documentation won’t leave you out on a limb! We can arrange independant Field Biology Audits and advise on the frequency required in your business.

Rodent Proofing - Bird Deterrent Systems

Our Approach to pest management is that Pest prevention is better than cure. Don’t let rats, mice or birds in! We can install rodent proofing systems, and do ask about bird deterrent systems, including bird netting, bird spikes, post and wire systems and the excellent ‘Avishock’ ledge protection system. These systems all prevent birds roosting on your buildings and causing expensive to repair damage.

If Your Business Has A Pest Problem

Contact us using the links at the head of this page or, just call us. We’ll arrange to visit you at your premises and solve your pest control problems. We can eradicate any pest species, quickly, cleanly and efficiently.

Consider A Pest Control Service Agreement

Pest infestation can happen any time. Regular pest management service visits can be arranged to suit your individual business needs. Often referred to as the ‘pest control contract’, we prefer to call it a ‘pest control service agreement’. Having one in place for your business will give you the peace of mind you need to run your business uninterrupted by pest infestation problems. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Rodent Control

We provide rodent control, pest proofing and pest control advice on preventing rat and mouse problems. We are specially trained in rat control and mouse control that’s safe for wildlife and the environment.

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Bird Control

We combine modern bird control methods, bird proofing, our knowledge of bird behaviour and our specialist bird control qualification to provide a professional service. We can utilise Falconry as a natural deterrent.

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Wasps, Ants, Bees

Let us take care of your wasp, bee and ant problems. We have specialist skills and qualifications with these pests allowing us to also utilise the latest and most effective techniques.

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Rabbits, Squirrels, Moles

Our skilled technicians can cater for customers which have large areas, in gardens and in and around buildings, so we can offer all the options for rabbits, squirrels and mole control. We always use humane solutions.

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Business Insect Screens

We are pleased to offer domestic, business clients and catering kitchen businesses, an affordable fly screen and insect screen installation service. Several types of window and door screens are available.

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Our Affiliations

We take standards very seriously that is why we are accredited by the NPTA and support the Wildlife Aware campaign.

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