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Fleas and Bedbugs

Tendring Pest Control provide services for handling fleas and bedbugs offering professional grade treatment methods to effectively and safely remove your pest. We can deal with and are happy to cater for both small and large scale problems.

Flea Control

We use flea treatments available only for professional use and are experienced in the full range of flea pest control methods. Safety is of the upmost importance and we ensure that children, pets and the environment aren’t harmed during the treatment proves. We make sure that all your furniture, carpets and flooring aren’t damaged as well.

And we’ve got the experience to deal with just a few flea bites right through to persistent flea problems.

Bedbug Control

Bed bugs
At Tendring Pest Control, we can offer a range of solutions to get rid of bed bugs and to help prevent re-infestations. Our innovative range of treatment options treat bed bugs in your home or business. Early detection is vital in a comprehensive bed bug control service. Once they’re established, they can spread quickly, requiring more timely and powerful control measures. It’s wise to begin your search for bed bugs around your bed or sleeping area, looking for common signs of bed bugs, like small blood droplets on bedsheets.

Let Tendring Pest Control deal with your flea and bedbug problem before it gets out of hand. It could become an flea infestation; unpleasant and unhealthy for you and your pets and other people. We have over 15 years experience in the pest control industry so have seen every problem. If in doubt, ring or email us for professional bird control services, advice on pest proofing and how to get rid of seagulls and pigeons. We will provide you with a free pest control survey and estimate before we carry out the work and are available 7 days a week for advice and help. Simply either fill in the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible or call us now on the number above.

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We take standards very seriously that is why we are accredited by the NPTA and support the Wildlife Aware campaign.

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