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Hornets, Spiders, Mice and Silverfish

Tendring Pest Control provide services for dealing with hornets, spiders, mice and silverfish offering professional grade treatment methods to effectively and safely remove your pest. We can deal with and are happy to cater for both small and large scale problems.

Hornet Control and Removal Services

Hornet nests will typically reach their peak size in Summer, and although there will be fewer hornets in the air than there would be bees or wasps, the hives themselves are usually larger, and its members can react to perceived threats across considerable distances. While these colonies will not survive the winter months, it is very difficult to live in close proximity to them.

Hornet infestations are among the most difficult cases that London Insect Control has to deal with, and it requires protective equipment in combination with a powerful insecticidal dust called Bendiocarb to deal with the hornets themselves, while removing the nest itself is another whole procedure.

Hornet's large size and natural resilience mean that only specialist chemicals can deal with them, and our technicians take considerable care to ensure that their treatment has been lethal, as hornets can often survive weaker sprays and become aggressive later. Given recent warnings about Asian Hornet populations, London Insect Control expects an increased level of public concern about hornets and more reports of infestation. Fortunately, our technicians will give a consultation to realistically inform you about what dangers there might be and what particular species you are dealing with. While there is a risk that amateurs can mis-identify the nest they are dealing with and aggravate a more dangerous species than they had expected, our technicians are always able to recognise the threat at hand and to take all the necessary precautions.

Spider Control

TMost species of spiders within England are harmless to humans, although their bites can cause skin irritations and their presence in attics and lofts can be extremely unpleasant. While fears of poisonous spiders in Britain are usually unfounded, environmental changes and increasing quantities of foreign fruit imported into the country have led to an increased risk, with a 25% rise in spider bites in the last year and at least 20 incidences of hospitalisation.

While some store-bought insecticides can damage spiders, the real difficulty of dealing with a spider infestation is figuring out whether you are dealing with a dangerous species, figuring out the favoured nesting point for that species, and then deciding on the most effective method for removing it an ensuring it will not return – tasks which usually require a trained professional.

Mouse Control

Mice are widespread throughout the UK and are usually more troublesome in autumn and early winter than at other times of year. The reason there are more problems in the autumn is that field mice tend to look for places to overwinter, so rural properties will suffer more problems at this time of year as field mice converge on properties to gain winter protection. In many cases, field mice have eaten sufficient food during the summer that they are able to overwinter in a roof void without need to feed. This can be an issue in that the mice are not easily attracted to mouse poison and may be difficult to control, as, even traps rely on food attractant to catch the mice. One of the most palatable mouse poisons on the market is Sorexa D, this poison is carried on Canary Seed, which is highly attractive to mice, even overwintering field mice. Mice can enter a property via many routes and even some air bricks allow mice access to a building.

Silverfish Control

Silverfish (also known as fishmoths) do not in themselves pose any real danger to humans, but their capacity to damage property and valuables makes them an extremely irritating presence in a home. A few silverfish can be a nuisance, but a large enough silverfish presence can be immensely damaging and costly, as they are able to ruin valuables and make redecoration or repair necessary where they have attacked the house itself. While they pose little real danger to the structural integrity of a home, their presence often indicates underlying problems with the house itself and its environment.

When dealing with silverfish, Tendring Pest Control have learned that a holistic approach is necessary, since environmental factors play such a large part in both preventing and eliminating an infestation. A comprehensive regimen of treatments, including traditional insecticides and Diatomaceous Earth, is used to control the insects themselves, while our technicians will also work to determine the factors that have led to the infestation in the first place, allowing them to cut it off at the source.

Let Tendring Pest Control deal with your hornet, spider, mice and silverfish problem before it gets out of hand. It could become an infestation which is unpleasant and unhealthy for you, your pets and other people. We have over 15 years experience in the pest control industry so have seen every problem. If in doubt, ring or email us for professional hornet, spider, mice and silverfish control services. We will provide you with a free pest control survey and estimate before we carry out the work and are available 7 days a week for advice and help. Simply either fill in the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible or call us now on the number above.

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